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Each year, A Taste of Matarangi Festival strives to give back towards charitable causes that benefit the community. Since its inception, the festival has raised $115,000 to its benefactors through fundraising initiatives and donations.

A Taste of Matarangi festival supports Kuaotunu Search & Rescue (KSAR) and Te Rerenga School. We are pleased to have them on board, as they are both valuable assets to the Coromandel Peninsula.

Kuaotunu Land Search & Rescue (KSAR)

Land Search & Rescue

Kuaotunu Land Search & Rescue (KSAR) are the people who go out into the bush and remote areas all hours of the day and night looking for lost persons; they work alongside the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust service. The group runs on a professional basis and members are highly trained.

Te Rerenga School logo

Te Rerenga School

Te Rerenga School is a quintessential country school and the local Year 1-8 school for the Northern Mercury Bay. Their happy and engaged children are farm kids, beach kids or just kids who come from families who have made the life style choice to live and work in this beautiful region. They mainly reside in Matarangi, Kuaotunu and Whangapoua. Many new families are moving to the area with the impact being that the school has a growing roll. The school actively embraces well-being and ways to learn from our rich local environment of beach, bush and nature, while pursuing an excellence in learning.

“Mā te huruhuru rere te manu”

— “Adorn the bird with feathers to enable them to fly.”

Please make a donation to support these charities when purchasing tickets or at the event.

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Without the help of our sponsors, this event would not happen. The following businesses are sponsoring the event and we are thankful for their support.